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Product Line Pitch

Today’s shoppers buy smart. Not only do they want the most nourishing ingredients, but they want to buy products made to help conserve the planet. Pure Jennah is a new botanical haircare line using exotic and non-toxic ingredients to rejuvenate any type of hair. Free from parabens and sodium chloride, the line is produced using sustainable processes and materials. Invigorating, rich ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oils are present to ensure that anyone’s hair will be strong, long, and beautiful! Eco-friendly consumers are guaranteed to want these products for years to come.

Vegan Makeup Line Description

Cruelty is inherently ugly, that's why X doesn't use animal-derived ingredients. People around the world are starting to recognize that there is no humane way to use animals' bodies. The beauty in the way we produce our high quality, natural makeup is that our ingredients are full of life. From dried fruits, to activated charcoal, to shea butter, to coconut oil, purity is no longer a concern. You won't have to even read the ingredients! Leave your outer body feeling alive, without sacrificing the beauty within.